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VXvue Quick Guide

Digital Radiography Acquisition Software for VIVIX-S Series
1. Patient Registration
2. X-ray Exposure
3. Post-processing Tools
4. Managing Tools
5. Send/Export
6. Diverse Modes

Exclusive Radiography Viewer

VXvue is an image viewer program with specialized modules to acquire, adjust,
and manage diagnostic images created by the VIVIX-S Series.

  • DICOM 3.0 Compatibility
  • QXLink (Vieworks' PACS) Compatibility
  • 3rd-party Integration
  • : generator, U-arm, collimator, DAP (Dose Area Product), etc.

Advanced Image Processing - PureImpact™

PureImpact™ is a post-processing algorithm to enhance image quality for an efficient diagnosis.

  • Fine Details without Visual Artifact
  • Soft Tissue Delineation
  • Non-grid Chest Processing
  • Grid Line Removal with Clear Resolution
  • Fine Tuning

Better Usability

  • Powerful Functions
  • : auto stitching, auto cropping, auto labeling, etc.
  • Patient Multitask Management
  • : can manage multiple patients at the same time (acquiring different patient's images together)
  • Multilingual Software
  • : English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese (user can add another language)

Touch Interface for Tablet
/ Touch Screen Monitors

  • Touch-oriented Skin(Theme)
  • : provides larger icons and fonts for intuitive operation of the touch interface
  • Touch-specialized Functions
  • : pin zoom, touch scroll, etc.
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • : can type without the need for a physical keyboard

Easy Customization

  • 3 Types of Image Processing
  • : soft, normal, hard predefined parameters for personal preference
  • Customizable Themes & Skins
  • : can use the themes optimized for usage (basic theme, touch-oriented theme, theme for smaller monitor or tablet PC) as well as the ability to change each element such as the layout, logo and fonts
  • Auto Rotation for a Vertical Monitor
  • : VXvue UI changes when the monitor is rotated

Optimized for Various Applications

  • Human
  • : optimizes the usage for general radiography
  • Veterinary
  • : provides built-in options for Dog, Cat, Exotics, and Equine
  • Equine
  • : provides equine-specialized options and settings
  • Vehicle
  • : optimizes the usage in vehicle-based X-ray systems
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  • English
  • Chinese
  • Spanish