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RSNA 2021 Virtual Tour

Welcome to Vieworks’ RSNA 2021 Virtual Exhibition page.
You can explore our latest x-ray detectors and technology with a simple click from the below Virtual Tour box.
VIVIX-S V and F series are our 3rd generation static detectors with best-in-class features and innovative technology.
We also present our Mammo detectors and Dynamic detectors.
Our imaging experts are open for any discussions or inquiries on our products. Come meet us now!

RSNA 2021 Virtual Tour

  • Static Detectors
  • Mammography Detector
  • Dynamic Detectors
  • Viewer (VXvue / SBSC)

Vieworks’ Next Generation Static Detectors

VIVIX-S F series

Simple, but Robust. Every FINEST Quality for You Need

FINEST Image Quality

  • High resolution images with 99㎛ pixel pitch
  • Semi-dynamic feature (multi-frame mode)
  • Anatomy-based image enhancement with photon-understanding AI solution
  • Advanced image processing technology (VXvue, SBSC)

FINEST Durability

  • Unbreakable glass-free TFT (flexible TFT)
  • Excellent durability (1.5m drop tested, 400kg load limit)
  • IP67 water and dust resistance
  • Wider operating temperature


FINEST Usability

  • Lighter weight for greater portability
  • Convenient charging (wireless charging, separate battery charger,
    USB-C type, magnetic tether, cradle)
  • Long lasting battery life (16 hours with two batteries, hot-swap mode)
  • Easy usage with user-friendly functions
    (NFC & detector sharing, OLED status screen)

VIVIX-M series

Large-area Flat Panel Detector for Mammography with High Resolution


Large-area Flat Panel Detector
for Mammography with High Resolution


Superior Image Quality

  • IGZO TFT Panel

  • High MTF & DQE

  • Pixel Pitch : 75 ㎛


Easy Upgrade

  • Active Area

    Vieworks' proprietary AED (Automatic Exposure Detection)
    technology with reliable performance

  • ISO 4090:

    same size as a film/CR cassette

  • Special Design for Conventional AEC Systems

    the mechanical part is designed to use the existing system as is


Thin Chest Wall Distance

  • Bezel Size

    2 mm

  • Convenient Patient Positioning

  • Securing Active Area Easily


Enhanced Workflow - Smart-W™

  • Optimization X-ray Window Technology

    detector senses X-ray immediately and processes an
    image right away once x-ray exposure is finished

Dental Application

VIVIX-D R series

Dynamic Flat Panel Detector for Dental Panoramic and CBCT Imaging

Dental Application

VIVIX-D C series

Dynamic Flat Panel Detector for Dental Panoramic and CBCT Imaging

Fluoroscopy Application

VIVIX-D G series

High-resolution Dynamic Flat Panel Detector for Radiography and Fluoroscopy

VXvue Quick Guide

Digital Radiography Acquisition Viewer for VIVIX-S Series
1. Patient Registration
2. X-ray Exposure
3. Post-processing Tools
4. Managing Tools
5. Send/Export Tools

S.B.S.C: Software-Based Scatter Correction(SBSC)

Vieworks’ New Image Processing Algorithm


  • SBSC is the stand-alone image processing
    algorithm developed by Vieworks

  • Algorithm is designed to prevent the contrast degradation
    by scattered radiation in x-ray images


Enhanced Usability

  • Easy alignment

  • Convenience with mobile system


Powerful Performance

  • Similar image quality with low dose

  • Similar performance with hardware grid

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