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Consolidated Balance Sheets
  • Reliable AED - Anytime™
  • Advanced Data Communication - InsideAP™
  • Powerful Image Processing - PureImpact™
  • Data Packet Loss Prevention -Safe™
  • Optimization of X-ray Window Smart-W™
Stable and Reliable AED

Vieworks' Anytime™ is...

Ensuring high reliability and high sensitivity by using a separated AED sensor and a specially designed circuit board to respond quickly to the X-ray. This results in fewer defects compared to a panel sensor and is resistant to the fluctuation of temperature and external shocks.


What is AED?

Automatic Exposure Detection, AED, is a function that allows a detector to acquire X-ray images without any synchronized signals from the X-ray system.
That means, a detector with AED function on does not require cable connections to the X-ray generator, making easy upgrade of conventional analog system to digital.

Vieworks' Inside AP™ is...

Inside AP™ is Vieworks’ unique Wi-Fi function to connect between VIVIX wireless detector and PC devices including laptops and tablet PCs. Therefore, physicians can see the acquired x-ray images immediately at their PCs.

Moreover, VIVIX detectors automatically save up to 200 images. These backup images help to prepare for unstable Wi-Fi environments and to work reliably anytime, anywhere.

sensor sensor

Vieworks' Purelmpact™ is...

PureImpact™ is a post image processing algorithm to provide supreme image quality. Various preset parameters are optimized for each target examination, thus showing fine details according to each examination. Advanced features like soft tissue delineation, non-grid processing, and grid line removal with clear resolution support efficient diagnosis.

  • Fine details without visual artifact
  • Enriched soft tissue delineation
  • Consistent image processing under dose fluctuation
  • Grid line removal with clear resolution
  • Fine tuning
  • Various options for personal preference

Vieworks’ Safe™ is...

PureGrid™ is a software algorithm that eliminates the scattering effect of X-ray to produce clearler images.


Complementary Relationship between Hardware Grid and Software Grid

In terms of performance, the software grid is not a perfect replacement for the hardware grid, but it is indeed useful in environments where the hardware grid is not available, such as mobile systems or full-body examinations. Furthermore, the software grid is easy to use thus, increasing the convenience of both the radiologists and the patients.

Vieworks’ Safe™ is...

Safe™ is a feature that allows a dynamic detector to save, restore, and retransfer all taken images by using the internal memory on the detector. As a result, physicians can check the whole images without any loss of data.
Safe™ ensures reliable image acquisition in case of unexpected situation like LAN plug-off or any PC errors.

sensor sensor

Vieworks' Smart-W™ is…

Smart-W™ enables a detector to process an image right away once x-ray exposure is finished. By optimizing the so-called ‘X-ray Window’, images can be acquired faster than before.

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