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Vieworks Unveils Cutting-Edge X-ray Imaging Solutions at ECR 2024


                                    VIVIX-S F Series

Vieworks, a leading provider of medical and industrial X-ray imaging solutions, is gearing up to showcase its innovative lineup at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2024, scheduled from February 28 to March 3 in Vienna, Austria. Vieworks will introduce a range of groundbreaking solutions including the VXvue software with AI diagnostic support for both human and veterinary applications, alongside X-ray flat panel detectors (Hall X3, Booth 324).


At the exhibition, Vieworks will unveil a total of 19 products, featuring 15 static and dynamic flat panel detectors accompanied by dedicated image acquisition software. Particularly noteworthy will be the introduction of the enhanced VXvue software integrated with AI diagnostic support solutions.


Vieworks' large-format and large-area detector products (VIVIX-S 1751S, VIVIX-S 4747V) are designed to optimize full-spine, half-body, and large-area imaging, offering static image detectors capable of capturing wider area images in a single scan compared to conventional models, thereby reducing patient radiation exposure. With advantages such as high resolution and swift image acquisition, these detectors enable more efficient diagnosis.


In addition to these innovations, Vieworks will showcase a variety of its flagship products, including FPDs for general radiography (VIVIX-S V, VIVIX-S F series), portable C-arms and fluoroscopy applications (VIVIX-D series), and digital detectors for breast examination (VIVIX-M series)


Developed in-house by Vieworks, VXvue is a user-centric image processing software designed to post-process clinical images acquired through X-ray detectors. With recent enhancements, VXvue can analyze X-ray clinical images of animals such as dogs and cats, providing abnormal findings related to musculoskeletal and thoracic diseases within 15 seconds. By offering post-processing of images along with information on the location of ailments and their probability, VXvue is poised to significantly improve the diagnostic process for veterinarians.

VXvue also offers advanced solutions for human application, incorporating the 'PureImpact™' technology, a high-performance image processing algorithm that enhances image clarity, and AI. This enables detailed depiction of soft tissue and skeletal structures with minimal radiation exposure.

A Vieworks spokesperson stated, "This year, we will continue to invest in innovative technologies such as AI to advance our product diversification and technological sophistication. Through these efforts, we aim to secure loyalty from our key customers in North America and Europe and expand our market share."

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