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Vieworks wins the Korea Invention Promotion Assocation Award at Korea Invention Patent Exhibition 2020


Vieworks won the Korea Invention Promotion Assocation Award at KINPEX 2020 (Korea Invention Patent Exhibition) with its detector handles for NDT and security applications.

Please watch the full interview here (Kor): https://youtu.be/8VgBqEcfE_U

Interview highlights:
"X-ray detectors are used in medical and non-destructive markets and should be portable due to product characteristics.
To this end, most X-ray detectors provide a scab structure, but rarely provide a separate handle.
Also, the handle that was released on the market at that time was unstable in terms of structure or attached only in one direction.
To improve such limitations, Vieworks invented a handle that can be attached securely and intuitively with one hand."

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