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Vieworks highlights its X-ray detector lineup updates at RSNA 2021


Vieworks showcased its 3rd generation DR detector series and new dynamic detectors at RSNA 2021 (South hall #3139) from November 28th to December 1st.

This year, Vieworks’ booth was divided into 3 zones based on different applications: static zone for its 3rd generation DR detector series (VIVIX-S V series and VIVIX-S F series); dynamic zone for its latest dynamic detectors employing IGZO panel technology; and mammography zone. 

VIVIX-S V and F series are both Vieworks’ 3rd generation detectors offered in 3 sizes - 25x30cm (VIVIX-S 2530VW/FW), 36x43cm (VIVIX-S 3643VW/ FW), and 43x43cm (VIVIX-S 4343VW/FW).  VIVIX-S V series offers a cost-effective total solution, which the users can enjoy a high-definition, fast workflow, and the most durable DR detectors at a reasonable price. VIVIX-S F series offers a premium experience for users in terms of its finest image quality (pixel pitch: 99), durability (unbreakable glass-free TFT), and usability (lighter weight, long-lasting battery).

Aside from the detectors, Vieworks also proudly presented the latest imaging software for each of the three zones. At the static zone, Vieworks displayed it’s AI solution for chest X-ray diagnosis support for the first time. Visitors also got a glimpse of PureImpact Dynamic, the latest imaging solution for dynamic detectors.

Watch booth sketch video: https://youtu.be/Jk5vh4_ZTOg




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